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Platoon Presentation

The best that BoMb has to offer. We bring you our Elite platoon of members.
This is a battle ready platoon for competition purposes.

The Squads will be as follows:

Alpha Squad Bravo Squad
eXsTaTiic_Life(SL) Excecutioner2487(SL)
Grimestep Big_D_More
NoRemorseb17a1 WHITExHYPE
FLCL420 Bwix2_Rufio2011

Charlie Squad Delta Squad
Skull_Crusher789 (SL) chamath2 (SL)
Swatstylez88 APCPet
Nachonunez17 KingGilk
SuperNova657 ChunkkBoss

Echo Squad
Blackspartan02 (SL)

BoMb Continued

ALL ELITE MUST join the website.... this is mandatory for elite....
it only takes to min so dont get punished for something so easy.
The calender is so everyone can keep track of whats happening.
Use the link at the top to join.

These are the groups I Have so far.
If changes need to be made please let myself (Big_D_More)
or your Leaders know.
Please also note this is the best BoMb has to offer.
To keep your spots you will have to be on your game.
There will be in club challenges for better spots allowed once a week.
This means if you are in a lower squad you can
challenge a guy for his spot in the higher squad.
There will be no challenges put forth to Leaders of squads.
Only members in squads can be challenged.
Still developing the challenge format but any ideas are welcome.
Thanks guys.

1. You must be a member of BoMb in order to be a member of our BoMb Elite division.

2. We are a team orientated platoon (Good Team work is a must)

3. We will be developing and implementing battle-proven tactics and strategy.
To strike fear in our opponents in every game we play.

4.Each squad will have a certain objective to carry out.
To ensure that the overall Strategy for each game gets implemented.
This will set us apart from the competition.

5. You will be appointed a team leader for each squad.
You will listen to this team leader.
This team leader will appoint a second in command.
He will help with in game strategy changes on the fly.

6. Until mic issues get fixed,
four man squads must be silent when leaders speak so they can give quick clear orders.
Talking while he is disrupts the order and makes sloppy teamwork.

7. If you are having loud people behind you or anything else but your voice talking to the squad mic you will be punished.
keep the mics on only if your ready to work as a team.
Very unprofessional if its on and disrupting others.

8. If members are not practicing with there squads.
They will be demoted to Echo Squad / Practice Squad. That member must prove they belong with the higher ranked squad.
At that point they can earn there spot back.

9.No one will kick anyone until the leaders decide on what to do as a group!!!!!!!!!!!

TOLERATED AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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