RiDe oR Die PlaTOoN
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******** READ BEFORE YOU APPLY ********
::::::::::::::HOW WE ROLL::::::::::::

This PlaTOon is only for Go Get'em playerz and playets! Mature Murderers 17+ only, no one wants to baby sit while trying to have fun! We're a Mature group that works together, has fun, wants to play hard to win, but isn't so serious that you lose the entertainment value. We'd like enough active people that there are folks around to team up with most of the time to Play together, support each other, match perks to maximize the team effectiveness, communicate etc. (run-n-gun to a minimum plz)

Competition/scrims are not a must, but if the clan is involved, then we'd be down to schedule them, too. No Whinny soldiers apply. See a dude prone for way to long, we Snatching them M*tha F*#king Tags like trophy's from any opposing clan, thas how we Roll! The team is so chill so, do what you do, smok'em & drink'em if you got'em and have a good damn time! Lastly, always.. always have FUN it's a game, No drama No blame just laughs and Great times.

"OUR TEAM THOUGHTS" ~A good Krew should be like a Gameing family... when your in a game you should feel and know that your krew has your back at all times and you have there's! Be-friending your squad helps you know there personalitys which help you to anticipate there actions in games. Having fun & geting along with everyone makes your team some what of a WolfPack and like a wolfpack, to earn respect is to first Give it. This is our Team ... We RiDe together or we Die together!!


1). Must have spoken to or played w/ any Member before being a member of this PlaTOon.
2). Send a Frnd request to any platoon Leader/founder when you apply to be reviewed.
3). If accepted, our patch members are {nWa}, which is our motto not our clan name, it stands for (the "new World authority").


1) We've got nothing against language. Understand that things are said in the heat of the moment that don't always reflect the true nature of the person saying them. If you're not cool with something that's said, just let the group know. If someone tells you what you said wasn't cool, be a bro and watch what you say. Be careful with your use of any remarks related to race, gender, or sexual preference. But if everyone says it's alright, let 'em loose!

2) Don't use "bitch" weapons. This game has it's bugs and more arise after every patch. Don't use any glitched or blatantly overpowered weapons without a good reason (last resort, or you just need the dog tags, etc.)

3) Don't be afraid to join or start a party and invite our members. The goal is to get everyone comfortable with each other. If you know we have a new member, again, be a bro invite them to tag along and make them feel welcome.

4) If you know someone's having a rough day, do your best to lighten the mood. If you're having a rough day, try not to rage and keep a level head. Mood is contagious, and people don't play well when they're pissed. As long as everyone's laughing and having a good time, we'll all enjoy the game alot more.

5) Don't be a dick. simple as that man. Follow the rules of the server you're on if everyone else is. Don't start arguments or fights with teammates or other people on servers, that just makes you and the entire platoon look like a bag of idiots for arguing over a F'ing game..

::::::::::::::::::BULLETIN BOARD::::::::::::::::

The Platoon will be UNDER CONSTRUCTION as we are building the roster up mostly from scratch to get rid of players who inactive (for no good reason). This was decided by teammates and ppl in leadership. If you did not get a message sent to you your probably ok. members who did we just want a show of hands of who still plays the game so we know what we're working with.
If you get cut, its not personal, the team just wants people who want to play the game and can fit it in there schedules to do so more then once every 2months.. - 12/14/2012

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