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What is Rebel Regiment?
Rebel Regiment is a Battlefield 3 clan with members primarily from the US and Europe, and is built around the idea that the Team is more than the sum of it's parts. We have no need for lone wolves, nor players who place more emphasis on their personal performance. If you're concerned with your SPM, KDR, or other such stats, this probably isn't the clan for you. If you want to win games and scrims, work as a team, and see the results of your hard work pay off in victories, we might be what you're looking for. As a result of this, our primary focus, as far as maps and game modes are concerned, is 32v32 conquest maps, and 16v16 rush maps. As a result of working as a team, we place emphasis on coordinating with friendly vehicles, or taking down enemy vehicles even if we don't have control of ours at the time. We have recently begun participating in ESL, and are looking to expand into other arenas as well. We currently have over 50 active members and are always looking for more team oriented players to bring into our clans.

Rebel Regiment started with the launch of BFBC2, and at our peak during that game, had over 100 members. During the BFBC2 run, we engaged in bi-monthly scrims, and have a mutual respect, and competitive relationship with a number of clans, including one of the best clans in the UK, The British Sergeants Mess (). Many of our players have years of FPS and battlefield experience, going back to Battlefield 1942.

What we have to offer:
We offer a gaming environment which is based on the concept that the Team is more than the sum of it's parts. We offer a number of training courses for new members, which will show you some tips and tricks that have helped our vets in the past, and are shown to remain highly effective right now. From Basic training, where you learn the basics of the game (as well as some nifty little tricks that can make a big difference), to Joint Ops, where, as an infantry squad, you learn to work with our Air Force and Armor branches to acheive a goal, our training process is designed to make you into the best team oriented BF3 player you can be.

Once recruits have proven that they are capable of working as an Infantry man, they may be given opportunities to become vehicle specialists. This is not for everyone, but does offer the best of the best a chance to get better, and to practice together. This approach ties in closely with our clan versus clan scrims and participation in tournaments.

What we are looking for:
Our philosophy of putting the team ahead of everything else has shown to not necessarily be the best fit for everyone, and that's fine with us, because we're not just looking for anyone. In order to be considered for Rebel Regiment, we're looking for the following from new recruits:

- A Team player first
- Ability to follow first, then lead if necessary
- Take no offense to offensive language, because we cuss, a lot.
- 18 years or older
- Be an active forum user
- No hacks or cheats. If we find out you are, or have been, using cheats or hacks, you will be removed. We do not tolerate that in our clan.
- A working microphone (if the sound is crap, you will be asked to get a new one)
- A working, updated version of TeamSpeak 3.

Once you're in:
- If you've proven yourself as a capable soldier, you have the opportunity to prove yourself as a squad leader, and lead other members to battle in our clan v clan scrims, and when we're squadded together. Squad leaders also have added perks and priviledges within teamspeak.
- If you fancy the more logistical side of being in a clan you can assist with arranging clan scrims, setting up intra-clan scrims, and condensing loosely organized material into 1 central location, for ease of use, or other such things.
- You can give back, so to speak, by going through the requisite training to become an instructor, and instruct new members to the clan how to improve their play, and improve the clan overall.
- There are always things going on weekly here in Rebel Regiment. From trainings, to ESL matches, to Scrims, to just squadding up, and hopping into a server for some fun together, there's almost always something going on. And with our diverse membership, there's almost always guaranteed to be somebody from the clan on at a time.
- If you prove yourself in the air, or in a big hulking piece of steel, you can apply to join our Armor or Air Force branches, and get first call on Tanks, LAVs, Attack Helicopters, or Jets.

Think you've got what it takes?
- Join our TeamSpeak server and one of our Sergeants or Officers on at the time will take you through the recruitment process.
- Join our forums after you've been recruited to receive full forum access and introduce and familiarize yourself with our other members.

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