SEAL Team 249
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Platoon Presentation

SEAL (Smart, Efficient, And Lethal) Team 249:
This platoon is for people that like to play in groups and be laid back. If that sounds like something you might want,
then feel free to apply.

The rules are simple
1. Treat every on like you want to be treated. If you are a dick we WILL kick you.
2. Work as a team, whether that be in a squad or multiple squads.
3. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: NO CHEATING if you cheat you WILL be kicked
4. Although this is not a rule we do strongly recommend that you rep the tag, That being said if you are an admin
then you may use a Capital "S" in the tag however, if you are only a member then you must use a lower case "s"
5. Good sportsmanship is preferred although we understand being in the heat of the moment

The Requirements:
We have no level requirements at this time so if your new and looking for a good group to play with just hit one
of the admins up. Or feel free to email us at


Thanks to all who apply

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