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Founded: 03 January 2012

We're the Immortalis 3, a multi-gaming clan, focusing on having plain fun ingame on Teamspeak and/or doing hardcore teamwork over TS3. We have our own BF3 server, Minecraft server, and various other servers (CSS, DOD, etc). We are focused into several games so you should find your fun somewhere.

We have people from all countries and all ages and we have fun with each other. Certainly don't think that we're a closed group of friends, we welcome our new members with a lot of warmth and everyone is given as much time as he wants to integrate as smoothly as possible.

It's also important to note that we do not expect you to always be active with us, we're just a clan to have fun with after school/work.

!A registration is required on our site before we can recognize you as a member , this is to make it easier for everyone :)!


Official Website & Forums:
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