the Devils Mercenaries
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the original Devils Mercenaries platoon site created on Jan. 10, 2012, and Official Website created Feb. 10, 2012.
Created by Alex M. (ScikoticProdigy).
We are always looking for strong recruits. Be more than welcome to apply and let others know to apply.
We plan to be a new strong rising force within the Battlefield Community.
We want to make a name for ourselves and be the best we can be.
--Logo designed by ScikoticProdigy--

(1) Clan Tag must always be tDM.
(2) No starting clan wars, unless ran by...ScikoticProdigy or AngerTML4evr1977.
(3) Add ScikoticProdigy & AngerTML4evr1977 as friends on Battlelog & PSN so we can communicate with you.
(4) Check website for events.
(5) For "CLAN WARS" you must have a 1.00 K/D or higher.
(6) No harassing members of the clan in any way or form.
(7) If you have ranked up let ScikoticProdigy know on his battlelog profile only, we will check your stats to see if you have passed the requirements. If so you will then be rewarded with a higher rank.
(8) If we are playing online together in a match with full groups, please turn your mics onto "TEAM" chat, we all need to communicate together as much as possible to succeed every match.
(9) Please do not play crappy music over the mic for everyone to hear... for ex. play with Coyote ...Not Official.

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