Death Before Dishonor
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Platoon Presentation

ATTENTION: Our clan uses teamspeak as our main mode of communication. Please join our teamspeak at and speak with a recruiting officer if you are interested in joining. Requests to join the platoon will not be accepted until you have spoken with a clan representative in teamspeak.

We are a BF3 clan that uses a military rank structure for organization and teamwork rather than for the purposes of military realism. The majority of us are longtime former members of a military realism clan and finally felt it was time to do our own thing. Our goals are to have fun and to kick ass in every game we play.

As a clan we have developed multiple training courses that focus on the following: teamwork, in-game tactics, and leadership. We don't focus on the application of real-world military tactics but in-game tactics that will make you a better, smarter and more focused player. We build ourselves on friendship and the ability to pull it together when it counts to win.

Join today to get involved in the early days of this clans creation for an exciting challenge. We are thrilled to begin our journey back to dominating the competition! Our members can't wait to share our knowledge/experience with potential new members, and gain knowledge through their experience.

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