Celtic Warriors
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[TiTs] = Tactical Infantry Teabaging Squad !

We are WARRIORS !!
"We are Men engaged in Warfare."

We show great Vigor, Courage & Aggressiveness on & off the Battlefield
We pride ourselves on Our Power, Confidence, Accomplishment, Integrity, Chivalry, Honor & Integrity.
~ We are avid Conquest players and intend to stay that way.
~ We are Flag Attackers & Defenders.
~ We play & move Together, as A Squad.
~ Communication is key, we always communicate with each other to help on any map we are on.
~ We stay calm. We stay collective. A clear head wins games.
~ We like Action. We don't just sit & wait for a snipe here & there.
We goto the Battle,or We bring the Battle to Us!


1) Capturing & Defending Flags.
2) Your Dogtags!! . . . . . We'll gladly give you a Teabag in return for them!

~ LIsten for Our Battle cry...... "Get Some!"

We have many other members/players we play online with not listed here.

**** We Are Currently Recruiting New Members ***

We don't care:
• About kill/death ratio
• About your skill level
• If you only play as recon/assault/support/engineer
• If you suck at flying (I'm terrible! Lol)
• If you have a headset (it helps, but not essential)
• Gender
• You don't play 70hours per week! Most of us have families

All we ask is that:
• You post an introduction about yourself.
• You are mature
• Want to have fun
• Play the game as a team!
• Communicate with each other
• Support other players progress

That's it

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