You Live Or Die
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We are the YLOD clan. As "Young Leaders Of Diversity", we are among the fiercest Battlefield 3 clans in the gaming community.

We’re brothers in combat, transcending race, color, and language. Our code is simple: Kill or Be Killed.

We face every battle not with brute force or rage but with the goal to win, utilizing highly organized military systems, intelligent strategies, and superior fighting skills.

In the virtual battlefield, win or lose, we are all heroes.

This page is dedicated to our clan, and those who have fought bravely, and are continuing to wage war in the name of honor and power, and sheer love for the game.


We are now ready to take on any challengers around the world. We play on Hardcore Conquest and Hardcore Rush modes. If you wish to have a clan match with us, please leave a message below.

Thank you for your time.

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