Team Tier 1
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Platoon Presentation

Tactics, Teamwork, Winning.

To join Tier 1. Send (T1 Specialist) a message on xbox & request a evaluation. Then add (alecsivadge) "Founder" on battlelog. Add him by his gamertag T1 Specialist. Once completed, you will get an invite to the platoon. Accept the invite & you will be a part of an elite team dedicated to our motto. To show support for the team & making the process of knowing each other easier, please change your battlelog clan tag to T1 put Tier 1 somewhere in your Xbox Live profile. Thank you for choosing Team Tier 1.

Founder: alecsivadge
Leader: Jaysef24
Leader: Cmac9859
Leader: BRYG420

Message leaders if founder is unavailable.


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