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If you are interested in joining our clan, please apply first to our official website (, If you are accepted on the website, you can then apply here and you will be accepted.

Last Clan Standing new is for testing new recruits until they become full members. Once we agree for them to become members we send them to the official LCS PS3 platoon page.
Do not worry, just because you are being tested doesn't mean you have to play hours a day, just be yourself and we will see ;).
Our only requirements are that you have a headset and that you are mature.
So please try and get some games in with other recruits and also the leaders and I of this platoon (we are the council members for PS3 and by playing with us you will also end up playing with most of the other official members).

P.S: we have a kind of LCS "respect" rule (not sure what to call it). If someone is already playing a game and its full, no pulling them out of it, because chances are, they are already playing with a couple of clan mates, just keep on trying to join until it isn't full. If you end up on the other team, wait until there is a space available and then switch team ;)
The servers on PS3 always separate squads so we just do our best.

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