Tonton Macoutes
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The Haitians nicknamed this warlord-led goon squad the “Tonton Macoutes,” after the Creole translation of a common myth, about an “uncle” (Tonton) who kidnaps and punishes obstreperous kids by snaring them in a gunnysack (Macoute) and carrying them off to be consumed at breakfast. Consequently, these torturers, kidnapers and extortionists were feared not only by children, but also by the country’s general population..

"They'd make mothers carry the heads of their dead sons. Force fathers to rape their daughters. They tied cinderblocks around peoples necks and drowned them. They'd put mutilated bodies in trees and kill anybody who would try to take them down."

The Tonton Macoutes ruled the country by power of military might,voodoo and fear, they were one of if not "The" most feared paramilitary group to have ever existed with colombias AUC and FARC competing for 2nd place and Mexicos drug paramilitary group Los Zetas coming in a hard 3rd.

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