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Welcome to USMC Elite. This platoon is a sub group for the best of the best in USMC, and anyone else who wants a squad based platoon that gets into bigger matches and tournaments.

I made this clan for anyone who meets the requirements and is a good team player and does his/her job and wants to own the battlefield. I will be active on battlelog and will be keeping tabs on everone in the clan. I will kick you if you don't follow the rules and stay active. As the clan gets bigger, I will get us into clan matches. The whole point of this clan is to get to know each other, strive to be better then the people that are better then you, and to just have some fun pwning people. After being accepted, I will assign you with 3 other people to be your squad mates. I will accept any of your guy's input or ideas, but I just want you to be paired up with whoever you play well with. If there's already a group of 3 squad mates that your comfortable with let me know.

-Rank 40 or above
-1.10+ K/D ratio
-200+ skill
-Play the objective
-USMC clan tag
-Mic (Optional)
-Frequent activity

Leader responsibilities:
-Inviting players to squads
-Setting up games
-Specialized tasks

-GASCAN117 - PSN: GASCAN117 (Founder)
-xx184 - PSN: slanderous584
-sewar10 - PSN: sewar100

-Branch 1:
-Branch 2:


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