Retarded Terrorists
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Retarded Terrorists Multigaming Clan is a NON-PROFIT organization for PC multiplayer gaming.We are a group of friends, even before being a clan.


Follow us on our backup facebook page

Join our public TS3 server:
PW: rtmc

Join our BF3 Ranked 24/7 Hardcore server:

*** Clan rules ***
- Avoid flaming on the in-game chat
- When you play, join our TS
- Minimun presence for members is 1 day per week
- No bad language or disrespectful words against clan members
- No cheating/glitching (will issue an immediate kick from the clan)
- Members must be present at clan's training sessions

Also, please avoid RECUITING members ON OTHER'S SERVERS !!!
If you want to recruit someone, contact him in private chat on BL or any other private way.

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  • Gen_Humlan wrote on the wall for Retarded Terrorists:
    -- RTMC HQ -- Official News -- We have good news for all those who still remember about us! Read more here:
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  • Gen_Humlan wrote on the wall for Retarded Terrorists:
    Get into shapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! RTMC IS BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCK!!!!!
    ExosNL Oh yeh? haven't noticed. :P
    6 years ago
  • Gen_Humlan wrote on the wall for Retarded Terrorists:
    RTMC back in bussiness! (Until Syria fucks up at least) H, S
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    TripleAimbot dafaq ?
    6 years ago
    Vegetabledude irony :D
    6 years ago
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  • VenomAlbanian wrote on the wall for Retarded Terrorists:
    Hello, how is everyone doing?
    xionder Pretty good, how bout' you? (Been keeping myself busy with a bit of dayz lately)
    6 years ago
    TripleAimbot Hey man ! We're doing pretty good ! Join us on the new forum at
    6 years ago
  • Gen_Humlan wrote on the wall for Retarded Terrorists:
    Moving to Milsim HQ have discussed to move to Milsim (ArmA series) as our main game. Hence the poll we made 3 weeks ago about what gameplay our members wanted. So what is happening is that we are going to switch the clan focus from BF3 to ArmA for 3 main reasons: - Memberspoll vote - BF3 is dieing, and is doing it fast - Our BF3 members are all pretty much inactive Due to this, we are also going to cancel the BF3 server renting, since it's never populated and it's basically a waste of time (sitting in it trying to get some players) and a waste of money. We will invest our funds on ArmA series (2 for now, 3 when it will come out, our goal is to be in the very first clans to be active on it). There will be guides on how to install ArmaA2 series and mods. We will give support for everyone that wants to follow us into the Milsim world! ArmA2: Depending on our BF3 members willing, we will: - Keep the BF detachment if th
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    Brack92 Sad to hear this, unfortunately I haven't had much time to play currently. Thanks guys for introducing me to my first clan, you've all been really helpful and have taught me a lot. Maybe we'll meet again in BF4. Thanks again, J
    6 years ago
    haNylanda :(
    6 years ago
  • Gen_Humlan wrote on the wall for Retarded Terrorists:
    Punkbuster fix! Not guaranteed to work for everyone though
    xionder Meh. Going to wait for them to fix their... Stuff
    6 years ago
    Gen_Humlan some servers work anyways!
    6 years ago
  • TripleAimbot wrote on the wall for Retarded Terrorists:
    All members are asked to report on the forum in the "introduce yourself" section after registering so we can fix your group grants and other technical stuffs!