The Covenant Command
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Covenant--(An agreement usually between two or more person's to do something specified and work in harmony to achieve a goal)

if you join in on the clan wars it will be required that all CCP members fighting in the match have the CCP clan tag on there tags!.(NO EXCEPTIONS)

[CCP] members always watch each other's back in the fight! (Soldiers watching each others back. look at the CCP emblem.)

Team Work = Kills = Points and wins and having fun together in the game and the fight.

Team Leaders use [CCP] as there clan tag + good strategy to help us win. And playing with CCP members on the battle net. To achieve the win for all in CCP. To become a CCP leader, leader's must give the ok. get to know the leader's and founder to rank up.

When fighting with the clan have pride in the clan use the clan tag [CCP] to help with recognition for all in the clan. after all it is your clan. Help make [CCP] one of the best clans on the battlefield. If you join in on a game with us please put [CCP] on your tag so I and other [CCP] in the game can get to know you if you are new thanks.

Mics for communication is a must have to work with all in the clan. Still join [CCP] but please get a mic as soon as you can thanks.

If you are not friends with all covenant members ask to friend them so we can all game together. We have fun and there is no giving each other a hard time! We Just enjoy playing the game together.

Invite your friends to join and help [CCP] to grow. Lets all game together. Have them send a friend request to Chiper40 or the team leaders. and we will put them in.Or just petition on [CCP] home page to join.

The CCP now has its own battleground server( Covenant Command Server) where we can kick back and have fun. Right now all the maps are conquest 500 tickets, but with input from all we can mix it up. For those of us that play together regularly spread the word so
we can get some traffic flow. + The (Lipper1) server all TDM so go there to ramp up your weapons and practice your aim skills.
If you can help pay for CCP server(s) let the team leaders know. so we can practice, and have games on them thanks. .

All CCP members please send me a friend request on the PS3 so we can game together if I am not a friend yet and send a friend request to all if you like, thanks Chiper40.-- Something we need to work on.....Not ignoring invites if your on look for and get with the us.

---------------------------------Allies with ----------------------------------
Boss Nation (BOSS), / American Warfare (AW13)
Death From Above (DOA), / Anonymous Exiles (AEX),
League Of Warriors (LOW). Master-E- men (JEDI)

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