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Platoon Presentation

Due to the popularity of Bronation, Wolf_Autopsy and I are now making our second platoon to further our cause of helping the betterment of the gaming experience in the community.

Lets all remember that Bronation 2 is not different than the original Bronation in any way whatsoever, rather it just allows for more people to be part of the experience. If you are already a part of Bronation, please don't send an invite for this platoon, unless you are a leader of course.

Wolf and I have recently been approached by a supporter on the Xbox, LuckySl7vin, who would like to help us start up a Bronation platoon on that platform as well. He also happens to have his own website where he posts tips/strategies/news that are full of valuable information. We highly approve of what he is doing and will hyperlink his page at the bottom. Please go take a look at his site when you guys have a chance.

Wolf_Autopsy and I have decided to create the Bronation platoon for the sole purpose of creating a personal blog system for our Brotips of the Day series.

We will hyperlink all of our previous Brotips and use this platoon exclusively for answering any questions everyone may have as well as using this as a suggestion thread.

Wolf and I are also up for doing in game educating. If there are those that are genuinely willing to learn we can go over some of this material with you in game. Just give us a request and we will see if we can accommodate.

Wolf and I are also strong supporters of the platoon called "Yellow Squadron" which is an all jet pilots platoon dedicated to the pursuit of helping players better themselves as pilots. If you are a good pilot talk to CyberRecon about joining.
We have been getting an increasing amount of requests for a jet Brotip thread and feel that these lads are the best people to look to for help. CybeRecon is currently the second best pilot for PS3, so enjoy the advice!

Bronation Server:
Bronation/iV/CyS located under East Coast normal preset.
Make sure to favorite it. I will change the server rotation and the use of it very often. We will do private teaching sessions, tutorials, recording sessions, clan matches and of course pubs. If you guys would like to work on something specific, just let me know and we can try and change the server up and make it private for the bros :).

Brotip Threads:
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Brotip Commentary:
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Attack Chopper Brotip: How to Destroy Chopper who has Height Advantage-
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Rush jet thread posted by SuicidialBaby:

Weapon Reviews:

Game Mode Revies:
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CQ Map Reviews:
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Dual Tactical Commentaries with Wolf_Autopsy:
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LuckySl7vin's website:

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