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Platoon Presentation

ELITE MARINES is the competitive platoon for marines. This is were the fine player are picked from
the main platoon (Marines). In order to join the elite platoon, it is required that you pass a series of tests given to you by a platoon founder or leader. They will last a few games.

After your acceptance to the platoon your position in a squad will be posted on the platoon wall. You will train mostly with your squad to improve your skills. It is not required that you are active every day but if you are known for being inactive several day at a time, the elite platoon may not be for your.

More info may be obtained via contacting a member of the platoon. The best and most talented member of a squad will be the leader. The leader may choose an assistant to take his place if absent or to help him lead his squad in battle. A leader or assistant leader does have the right to command their squad. But, there is no excuse for them leading with disrespect. Although members are commanded by their leader, they may also give advise to anyone in the platoon. It is extremely important that all leaders inform their members on were they need improvement.


1. First of all a working mic is REQUIRED, as it makes team work more possible and is valuable in a competitive game. If you will get one soon, that is an exception.

2. If anyone

3. Your age doesn't matter but a certain level of maturity is required

4. Teamwork is required. If your squad mate is trying to do something do your best to help out.

5. Playing the objective is required. Sniping way back getting one or two kills does not win game (don’t get me wrong, if you’re a good sniper that can help the team by covering a squad mate, then go right a head)

6. We strongly urge you to wear our clan tag (USMC), if you are playing in the competitive platoon (its like playing for a team, you should wear your teams jersey)

TRYOUT CRITERION (Criterion is a principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided)
SKILL: 30%

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