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Platoon Presentation

We expect your W/L-ratio to be at least 1.0 and score per minute more than 400 to join. (These are just the standards, that every experienced BF3-player should meet)

Check us on facebook:

Recommendations (The ones followed with exclamation mark are obligatory) to join:

- Older than 16!
- Mic not necessary, but will be useful
- You must speak or understand english!
- Respect your clanmates!
- Play on our servers
- Follow your leaders! (Follow the possible orders given by clanleaders on clanmatches)
- No clanbitches!
- Never wear different tags! (Show that you belong to real ELITE-SOLDIERS)

We don't care whether you're good or not. When you join us - you'll be one of the best with your platoon comrades, because the best thing in this game is TEAMWORK! Remember it, if you want to join this clan!!!

If you want to join our clan, you'll have to put the tag ELIT first. After you've done that, your application shall be accepted!

Our BATTLEFIELD 3 clanmatches:

ELIT vs TMT (win)
TMT vs ELIT (win)
ELIT vs THCG (loss)
ELIT vs ONS (win)
ELIT vs PL (win)
ELIT vs UnR (THCG)(win)
ELIT vs BAD (win) 2-0
ELIT vs ViKing (win) 4-0
ViKing vs ELIT (win)

Contacts: MEISTER_OMAR (MEISTER_AM) or xXDracon5110Xx (BlackAce5110)

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