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Platoon Presentation


All OS members of the website are welcome to apply/join. Add PaPel2BoYx703 if interested in clan battle participation.

For those outside of OperationSports that are interested, we will ONLY take those who are Active Players and interested in Clan Battles on this page. If you are looking for casual, apply at our Op Sports Community page: battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391579351491/

Also add PaPel2BoYx703 and apply. Paperboy will run with you to see how well you play: Playing the objective, K/D, consistency, communication, etc.

**Outsiders must have 1.0+K/D to be seriously considered. New recruits that do not meet the 400 SPM and a 1.5 K/D and pass their tryout are to report to http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391579351491/ and will remain there until they meet the requirements. **

We are looking for excellent team players, jet/helicopter pilots and even some armored specialist.

We currently have majority casual players so we are recruiting hard for competitive play(clan battle) participants. Those who meet the requirements and play as well as their stats show and also communicate and show an interest in the team, basically have and automatic spot to play in Clan Battles.

So don't miss this opportunity.


[Clan Battles]
Rules we go by:
1. No USAS-12 or MK3A1
2. No Shotguns equipped with Frag Rounds
3. No MAV roadkills
4. No Spawn Vehicle steals(Meaning no going to the enemy spawn and taking the enemy vehicle. Taking it in the battlefield is fine when abandoned.) or destroying/damaging empty vehicles in the enemy's spawn
5. No underslung M26 Dart

We are up for Squad Rush, Conquest and Rush matches. Must be 12v12

All clans interested please add and message xPaPeRBoYx24, Cpoof, BDSuperflyTNT, JNes12_OS, or AUChase89 to set up a match.


Upcoming Clan Battles:


[4v4] Squad Rush



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