Combat Search & Rescue
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Combat Strategic and Rescue Operations Squadron.

Non Timetis Lessor

Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.

In the darkened forest deep,
In silence now they run.
Like shadowed ghosts through forest, sweep.
Their hunting's now begun.

Gray shapes seen there moving fast,
With yellow eyes aglow.
T'ward that scent they've caught at last,
Through all those woods they flow.

On they run all through the night,
With stamina they go.
Hunger gnaws their bellies tight,
But never do they slow.

Saliva drips from hanging tongues,
As they pick up speed.
Gasping forth from burning lungs,
But still in strength proceed.

Then in their sight their prey is found,
A bit more speed they find.
With slashing fangs their prey is down,
To death it's now resigned.

With bellies full they howl aloud,
At that full moon there.
Sitting beneath the moon light's shroud,
Their mournful howls share.

Soon they are off to hunt again,
In joy they go out.
Hunting through dark wooded glen,
Their strength and speed they tout.

In the village there is no doubt,
They hear that mournful howl.
They all know now whose about,
The wolf pack's on the prowl.

" We’re not here to do the decent thing, we’re here to follow fucking orders!"

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