Dog Tag Collectors
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This isn't a platoon for Just lots of knife kills, Its a tag collectors platoon - where your ultimate goal is to have every dog tag in the game, whether you knife it or unlock it yourself.

Anybody may join if their quest is to obtain Dog-tags!

Founder: - Newtinator
Leader - Reload15
Leader and DtC Youtube channel leader and all round sexy bitch - Aus_Ninja_Knifer
Unlocks everything by unlocks - Reload15 , 13lindfire, KSXunlimit3d
Over 8000 knife kills - The-akore. BruceLeeJunior, Mckow

Most impressive dog tag collections - Reload15 , 13lindfire, The-akore, Sm00thy, dt_ScreAm, assistrob, Newtinator,Blixx1337,Tragedy96, KSXunlimit3d, Fa11enFreak , michel131,CETOVSV

Emblem Designer - KSXunlimit3d

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Guess what guys! (DtC) platoon has its own youtube channel - Send us Videos from your own channels and if they are good (DtC) team will upload them to "Dogtagcollectors" Channel! This has many advantages, it provides and easy way to check what the rest of the platoon has been up too on the battlefield as well as links to your own channel. So any videos that get popular will surely help your main channel get views! Send us your videos now!

Also SoD clan, are looking for members. If you are a decent conquest or rush player, please apply at


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  • Nick_The_Knike wrote on the wall for Dog Tag Collectors:
    Any Mofo's still stabbing?
    DylanFresh I'm thking of making the return to BF3 seeing all current FPS's are garbage. Any decent Oceania servers still active?
    12 years ago
    12 years ago