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Welcome to the HouSe oF ToRMeNT Trials and Tribulations Platoon.

This is an invite only platoon. This does not mean if you were not invited by a HoT member that you can't still apply. Select individuals may still be accepted. Contact one of our recruiters (BLaCKBeaRD_RaW or WiZArD_RaW) about applying.

Any player that has been recommended by a member of HoT must join this platoon. This is your first step into becoming part of HoT. This platoon is for players that want to join a strong organization. First you must go through the trials and tribulations. Play with the clan, show that you have good communication skills, that you are a team player, and an all around player. It is your job to add players from the HouSe oF ToRMeNT active roster at This is not an ACADEMY Platoon. You are here because we already expect you to be of a certain skill level, now we just need to find out if you mesh with the rest of us and for what we need to improve our clan. HoT clan members will use this platoon as a reference for who is on the verge of becoming part of the clan. It is a team decision to promote a player to our clan. Once we feel comfortable that you will be a formidable asset to our team we will then invite you to the official clan platoon. There is no set time limit on how long it may take to establish a decision. For some it may be sooner than others. Obviously, the more you play with us the faster the process will go. Expect to be invited into clan scrimmages/practices on a normal basis now that you are here. Battling with us will be one of the best ways to see how well you perform under pressure.

Members who are not actively pursuing a position in the clan will be kicked from the Platoon.

Do not apply to this platoon if you are currently in another clan.

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