HxC HellXcrew
Tag: [HxC] Fans: 34 Created: 2012-04-10

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Welcome to HxC hellxcrew im the founder not ur leader theres no leaders here just team work . i dont believe in shouting out commands, telling you where to go and who to kill and dont go all rambo ,Always set to team chat if ur in different squads , All it takes is a squad of us to win a match unless that team is filled with fucking idiots who dont know the meaning of team work . A full team of us can only be described as one word unstoppable . We r just a group of friends having fun trying to make this crew bigger and deadly . .we are currently recruiting good players , friends are always welcome , in need of good jet pilots, heli pilots . Requirements - know how to have a laugh - have at least a 1.5 K/D - non racist - good team players - try to roll together when ur online - please wear ur HxC tags thanks for joining us

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