ThE hIgH CrEW - [xG]
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Welcome to ThE hIgH CrEW_ - [xG] Platoon.

**Please Note, We are not a Clan. We just Support The Marijuana Community - Aswell as All Xtreme Gamer's. We DO NOT Require ANYONE to use our tags, Nor change their name to "ThC_D1cKfaC3"(Just an example!)**

ThE hIgH CrEW / Xtreme Gaming - Is not a clan, But Merely a image for what we stand for! We stand for all the people who love to game and smoke weed. We game hard, We smoke hard. [ThC_] & [xG] Would like to welcome Everyone to this platoon.

With the annoucement of many new games such as The Division, The Crew, and Destiny. We as a community would like to expand to such games, We feel as if we open our verity to new games and expand we will strive for further Goals and last even longer. It is all about ThE hIgH CrEW / Xtream Gaming or nothin baby!

[ThC_] Is a friendly created Platoon. We are using the [xG] Clan Tag, with ThC_ In the name.

▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ ✘[xG]ThC_'s Leadership Foundation✘█ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂
(We are the Creater's!)

Founder: ThC_ThePotHead
Co.Founder: ThC_RoBoTnInJa
Co.Co.Founder: ThC_Lieutenat_PK

Thank you for Attemping to join, ThC / xG.
-Leadership Foundation

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