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Platoon Presentation

What you should know

1. NO SCRUBS allowed
2 Die with style/ k.d doesn't matter to me
3.C4 whenever possible
5. Have fun
6. Respect my Authoritah
7. Don't take the game seriously
8. Gender or sexual orientation doesn't matter
9. Trolling allowed and expected
10. No drama starters just drama finishers
11. No racist


If you have skill great
If not great
I won't be kissing your ass

This is a platoon for players looking to have fun. Play with people with mics. Have someone to watch their back in game. I encourage members to join multiple platoons to increase the fun of battlefield 3.

Rules for exiting platoon:
Click the leave platoon button and peace.
People leave for their own reasons. I don't care.
NO excuses necessary.

Rule to remain in platoon:
No talking shit to former members, if you are caught trash talking former members I will kick you.

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