Mercenaries of God
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Platoon Presentation

1) Must be aproved by leader or captains and the majority of the clan
2) Have a mic, teamwork is key (exceptions will be made)
3) Must play with us, no good to us if your not around
4) Able to follow the tactics implemented by the squad leaders, strategy is victory
5) Get along with your clan mates, otherwise how can we trust you
6) Most importantly must represent clan (MoG), can only be in our clan and nothing else

1) Captains - Overall type of player, Good strategist, Most importantly knows how to handle a squad
2) Vice Captains - Come into position when captains are not online. Must also have the required skills as captains.
3) Recruiters - Looks for valuable players, can also scout for clan battles
4) Members - Battle with us against clans, joins our sessions when there is practice, battles. or meetings on bf3

Practice - is practice for 1-2 hours, during these times Tactics and orders will be given. Must treat it as if it were a real clan match. Those who attend will automatically get a spot in clan matches
-During Clan Matches/Practices must follow orders/instructions. Those who do not will be immediately removed from the clan!

MoG is being started back up again with a few additional changes.

To Be a MoG member must be dedicated as the ones who already are MoG and only MoG.

" When all else fails....we don't "

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