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Platoon Presentation

http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391610238284/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Join us, help save the game.
Help us get noticed by DICE, join the platoon. Join the fight.
Did you know that out of all the people that have purchased BF3, less than 50% are playing.
Because of DICE, EA has been ranked the WORST COMPANY IN AMERICA in Forbes.
It's time you let the people you are serving help you out of the gutter. It's going to be too late soon, this game is becoming a ghost town.
Stop this bad pattern with all these patches. What you are collecting your information on is wrong.
The information you are collection is invalid. Stop making your decisions on rage posts by players who have under 50 hour of play time.
The dedicated players (the ones that are left) are the true foundation of this game. We bring new players everyday. With our you tube videos we reach out and create the foundation this community is based on.
We are the professionals when it comes to this game, work with us.

The Dice Beta Team has contacted many DICE employees on this issue.
We are waiting for a response.

Observe the power of numbers.
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Please contact these people and ask for input on this issue:

Main Accounts
Electronic Arts - http://twitter.com/#!/EA / http://www.facebook.com/EA?sk=wall
Battlefield 3 - http://twitter.com/#!/battlefield / http://www.facebook.com/battlefield / http://www.youtube.com/user/Battlefield

DICE / EA Community Personnel
Daniel Matros - Global Community Manager for Battlefield - http://twitter.com/#!/zh1nt0
Ian Tornay - Battlefield 3 NA Community Manager - http://twitter.com/#!/crash7800
Seeson Mahathavorn - Battlefield 3 Community Coordinator - http://twitter.com/#!/seeson
Matthew Pruitt - BF3 Online Marketing Manager - http://twitter.com/#!/matthewpruitt

DICE - Battlefield 3 Producers, Developers, & Designers
KM Troedsson - DICE General Manager - http://twitter.com/#!/L_Twin
Patrick Bach - Executive Producer - http://twitter.com/#!/PatrickBach
Alan Kertz - Senior Gameplay Designer - http://twitter.com/#!/Demize99
David Goldfarb - Lead Designer and Writer - http://twitter.com/#!/locust9
Niklas Fegraeus - Lead Designer - http://twitter.com/#!/DICEfigge
Gustav Halling - Gameplay Designer - http://twitter.com/#!/gustavhalling
Viktor Lundberg - Level Designer - http://twitter.com/#!/ViktorALundberg
Andy - Developer / Designer - http://twitter.com/#!/HelloAndy
Patrick Liu - Producer - http://twitter.com/#!/pottan
Mikael Hedberg - Developer - http://twitter.com/#!/slicedlime
Mikael Kalms - Developer - http://twitter.com/#!/Kalmalyzer
Linc Hershberger - Developer - http://twitter.com/#!/hyphy911
Mikael Kim Högström - Developer - http://twitter.com/#!/Royale68
Jörgen Stenkvist - Senior Development Director - http://twitter.com/#!/fikabord
Carl Almgren - Senior Development Director - http://twitter.com/#!/A1mgren
Andreas Skoglund - Assistant Producer - http://twitter.com/#!/asd81_
Erik Odeldahl - Developer - http://twitter.com/#!/erikodeldahl
Sara Jansson - Developer - http://twitter.com/#!/Qatten
Kristoffer Benj - Former Lead Programmer - http://twitter.com/#!/MrBenj4min
Sebastian Armonioso - Designer - http://twitter.com/#!/Sibben
Johan Torp - AI Programmer - http://twitter.com/#!/semanticspeed

Jesper Svennevid - Lead Online Software Engineer - http://twitter.com/#!/jespersvennevid
Joakim Bodin - Battlelog Developer - http://twitter.com/#!/jbripley

Stefan Boberg - Technical Director - http://twitter.com/#!/bionicbeagle
Johan Andersson - Rendering Architect - http://twitter.com/#!/repi
Christina Ann Coffin - Platform Specialist & Engine Coder - http://twitter.com/#!/ChristinaCoffin
Andreas Fredriksson - Engine Coder - http://twitter.com/#!/deplinenoise
Peter Engström - Engine Coder - http://twitter.com/#!/Riviera75
Colin Barré Brisebois - Rendering Programmer - http://twitter.com/#!/ZigguratVertigo
Christofer Stegmayr - Animation System Programmer - http://twitter.com/#!/cstegmayr
Johan Gidlund-Montén - Principal Physics Programmer - http://twitter.com/#!/noctoz
Jonas Skantz - Developer - http://twitter.com/#!/jonas_skantz
Torbjorn Laedre - Frostbite Developer - http://twitter.com/#!/tlaedre
Per Lönroth - Frostbite Software Engineer - http://twitter.com/#!/Peronet
Urban Nilsson - Frostbite Team Member - http://twitter.com/#!/urbannilsson
Mattias Unger - Tools Programmer - http://twitter.com/#!/mattiasunger
Oscar Carlen - Lighting Artist - http://twitter.com/#!/Kvasibarn

Daniel Collin - PS3 Platform Lead - http://twitter.com/#!/Daniel_Collin
Filip Karlsson - PS3 / X360 Programmer - http://twitter.com/#!/ichi_the_iller

Carl Vikman - Head Sound Designer - http://twitter.com/#!/cvikman
Tomas Danko - VO Producer - http://twitter.com/#!/TomasDanko

Roland Smedberg - Senior Video Director - http://twitter.com/#!/RollieThePollie
Marcus Johansson - DICE Video Developer - http://twitter.com/#!/Noken
Christopher Bennison - Video Production - http://twitter.com/#!/cbennison

Kevin O'Leary - Brand Manager - http://twitter.com/#!/KevinOLeary
Owen Johnson - Product Marketing Manager - http://twitter.com/#!/TheJuiceMasta


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