Deviant Gaming #3
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Platoon Presentation

TS3 IP Address:

******To challenge us to BF3 clanwar******
At the moment we play INF only.
(Now we can have max 8vs8, hopefully more in future).

Please fill up the following fields (all):

- Date and time you suggest for clanwar?

- How many players?

- Your Xfire/tspeak info/Contact person/Origin-ID?

- Email:

- Your homepage:

- Country:

- Which map you suggest (you choose 1, we choose 1)?:

- Server location/name (which server ours, yours)?

- Which rules you want? (INF only, No RPG to INF etc.)

- Which gamemode: Conquest/TDM//SQDM?

- Softcore only.

- Something about rules, terms etc?
*******TO JOIN US*******

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  • MechaToniX joined the platoon Deviant Gaming #3
  • Durjoy184 wrote on the wall for Deviant Gaming #3: GUYS PLEASE HELP POPULATE THIS SERVER.....gonna try and make this the new go-to vehicle lover server for everyone! :)) send this to ur friends please and help us spread the word :)