Dogfight 1x1 2x2 4x4
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Platoon Presentation

Platoon for 1x1 2x2 4x4 Dogfights.
Here u can find opponents and mates, who loves jets and chopper fights

Взвод для тех, кто хочет найти 1х1 2х2 и 4х4 противников и друзей на самолетах и вертолетах, и практиковаться в догфайте

2x2 jet rules - like 1x1 but flying together with your co-pilot

4x4 - starts from your base and on live do every thing u want like in PCW. all perks allowed

and u can feel free to ask everybody in platoon and everytime to join airfights, gl hf :)

any video from ur DFs pracc is welcome

There will be a 4x4 DogFight LADDER starting soon .. so ready a team for it to take part in some good fights and have plenty of fun

Rules are as follows:

1. all percs allowed except for AA rockets on jets
2. Idle on your base, after "live" message from both teams in game chat, everything is permitted to shot down all enemy air vehicles
3. You play 5 rounds for US and 5 rounds for RUS team
4. if ur jet/chopper gets shot down, you wait on your base untill the start of the next round
5. NO infantry
6. if you get disabled, u can try to perform an emergency landing on the ground to repair your jet/chopper and return into combat afterwards
7. If your jet/chopper crashes, but you still live you should make a suicide and wait for the start of the next round

RULES ARE unfinished, so parts can be deleated or edited

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