Bad Azz Brothers
Tag: [BAD] Fans: 69 Created: 2012-05-21

Platoon Presentation

Hello soldiers .... uh sorry, BAD start! hello friends

The single objective of this team is to play together, no rules, we kidding statistics. many of us play together for very long, maybe too long ah ah ah.
Only friends can join, it will be mad that you are strong, only ask you to be nice

We are not looking for competition, because we are too strong so if you want fight against us go your way, like that we will not kick your ass.
We play for fun to have great time playing together

The main thing we want us to do is stick together.
Have each others back. we don't want us playing against each other. There are millions of people, so don't play against others please, each time we play against each others create trouble, hope you understand.
Out there we can kill. So lets get out there and kill em.

There are no differences between founder leaders and soldiers. we're all on the same line, but Mastel and Trav are founders of our platoon :)

It would be an honor for us if you are wearing the tag [BAD] but you can do whatever you want.

However, to become a leader you must wear the tag [BAD] .... I know what you mean! there are no rules, but must wear the tag team leader to be ... this is a joke! We're sorry, but it is like that!

It is not catastrophic if you are not active on Battlelog, the most important is the battlefield, but of course if you are, it's nice. good tool to laugh and mock with humor.

When you become a member of this family team, you must be proud of, and defend your colors!
If you have any problem, feel free to talk about it, we are all different, and tolerance must be one of our quality.
the person will always be more important than the player.

Play as you are, and remember: it's just a game, so have fun.
About recruitment:

it is always open, but you must have minimum statistics:

ratio laugh / bad mood = 1.98
succide ratio = 1.14
teamkill ratio = 1.02
ratio "ammo, ammo please! AMMOOOOO" = give a box in less than 10 minutes
ratio kindness = 5.67
ratio sexy = 69

Some tips to know us better:

Best stealer DICE dogtag: Jemaine_Clement
Best motorbike driver : John
Best Wall-E Master: Trav
Best claymore kills: Some_1 (1953 kills!)
Best Tanker Pupil: Mastel
Best Retired Tanker: Trav
Best BAD mood: Cali .... ah ah ah
Best War machines: Cali and JD
Best team killer: Arbie
Best Snipers (with scope): James, Cali, JD
Best snipers (without scope): Trav, Mastel
Best C4 man: Mart
Best M320: Nico, Nick
Best knifer: Salinas
Best Barbie: Arbie
Best teabagger: Trav, Mamat
Best founders: Jemaine and Trav
Best n00b: crap, we don't know ... too many, maybe Mamat or Nick
Best eyes on the battlefield: Hiash, Trav
Best Franglish : Mastel
Best short legs: Trav, Mamat
Best lost conexion: Nico
Best "old" man: Trav
Best of the best: Trav (he's founder, we must say often or ban)
Best heli pilot before patch: Arbie

Best way to score many points: stay near Mamat position with defibrillator
Best BFClanwar winner : BAD and DbNE ! ah ah ah we win all the time … Hooah guys
Best team friend: "Death by Numbers Elite":
they love mode "hardore", not because it’s hard, only because it is easier to kill (friends and enemies) and better to camp in a corner ah ah ah. Love and respect them please

One MAIN thing to remember: Nick is a n00b
Clans we are friends with:
-Death By Numbers
-Lietuvos Partizanai
-TacticalElite Brethren
-cWr :)
-rWc :)
-Bad Boy Family
Make sure you are signed up on clan wars.

BF Clan War Winners:

Operation, I Got a New Gun!!
Operation: Spirit of battlefield
Operation: Universal Solider
Operation: Battlefield friends!

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