Chamillitary Mayne
Tag: [CM] Fans: 1 Created: 2012-05-22

Platoon Presentation

Platoon for pro's and real Chamillitary players. All pro's of Battlefield 3 can join this platoon. We're trying to fill it up to 100. Invite your pro friends only. Only noobs will leave this platoon.

When it seems like haters make up 90 percent of the population
And your name is always the subject of a hater's conversation
How do you deal with the situation, most people call it hating
But a rider, can use it as fuel and motivation
Allow me to do a demonstration.
This the rider's anthem, let's ride.

Top Noob - AssassinXcX
Top Crash Pilot - DemonAnarchy
Top Salope - Eren58
Top PiZZa - vVv__TheWall, he isnt pro enough to get in this platoon
Top Tankn00b - checkerbaby
Top Darter - widscher
Top Tuber - monaco1957
Top Pee Pee - smoothyaady90
Top loser - StarShii3ld
Caspian's Tower > u
Top Turtle- chrisco99

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