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Please read the clan rules and make sure your stats fit our stat requirements before you apply. If your stats are below a 2.0 you will not always be accepted in. If your stats aren't to below a 2.0 like lets say 1.98 then we can work with that but if your stats are at a 1.3 or lower please don't bother joining.. This applies to your rank, SPM, skill, and W/L as well. If your rank is no where near a colonel 70 or 80 then don't apply unless you have another account that you use with your real stats. If your SPM isn't at 600 or 700 please try to get it up. W/L needs to be at least close to a 2.0 or higher. ASFG wants good and loyal tactical members that will help us get far in the Battle Fields to come so if your not committed or don't want to commit then don't apply. We welcome all elite tactical players that wish to become apart of the ASFG team. So please make sure your stats fit our requirements and if they don't then we'll either keep you in ASFR until they are up or we will just kick you if we don't see you not trying to get them up.

When you join [ASFG] we want nothing more than loyalty, respect, and good sportsmanship from our members. Here we are a Team, a Unit, a Brotherhood. "Stay sharp & think smart" - ASFG

*****ASFG and ASFR reserves the right to deny any applicants*****

*****By no means does being accepted into our recruitment platoon mean you are going to be in [ASFG]. Most people who come in do not make it through to [ASFG], you have been warned, and hopefully emboldened to give us your best*****

ASFG platoon link --->

Stat Requirements:
KDR - 2.0 or higher
SPM - 600 or 700
W/L - at least close to a 2.0
Skill - 600 or 700

Clan Rules:
1) Treat each member with Respect
2) Follow each order you are asked to follow
3) Always focus on the objective
4) Keep cursing at a minimum
5) Work as a Team player
6) No "CHEATING" If you are caught cheating you will be kicked
7) Fight with full on motivation never quit! never give up!
8) Keep your cool when frustrated or mute your mic
9) Always have your [ASFR] Clan Tag on at all times
10) Always check your Battle Log
11) Have fun but stay focused
12)Have a mic
13)Add [ASFG] members to your friends list on PSN
14)Disrespecting a clan leader/member will NOT be tolerated
15)You need to be 17 or above to join.
16)Be active much as possible
17)You need to be an experienced COLONEL to join


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