Lords Of Sweden
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───────────────────★☆★ ─Lords of Sweden─ ★☆★───────────────────────

Lords of Sweden is a 100% Swedish clan who has quality in every aspect


Our goal is to have the best personality with extraordinary skills at the same time.
And that my friends is a recipe to perfection.


If you are a Swedish player with good skills and looking for the best personality to play with, contact a leader.
Or if you think your interesting for us, play on our server and show us who you are.

Lords Of Sweden [LoS]
Lords of Sweden

If your clan wants to challenge us in a battle, please contact the leaders
We only play CQ 12vs12 & 8vs8


Upcoming Clan Matches:

Clans we have met so far
SSF, S8, SRS, 99, XII, cX

★ Don't try to recruit us. the answer is gonna be No thank you. ☆

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