Syndicate Reserves
Tag: [tSr] Fans: 3 Created: 2012-06-11

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Clan Rules....
*Be an active player on both Battlelog and Console.
*No trash talking.
*Stick together.
*Work as a team.
*Have faith in your team-mates, they will help you on your road to victory.
*Do what you gotta do, only if necessary to help your team.
*Don't forget, once you join, your with The Syndicate as your main platoon!
*No Cheaters, we don't want to get a bad name among the Battlefield community.(Anyone caught cheating will be kicked immediately)
*PTFO whenever possible!
*Change your clan tag to tSy!!

Remember when setting up a game this a reserve platoon so if your a elite clan challenge the main tSy platoon then youll get match.
To set up a 8v8 CB add robbie-__-kiad(b-blog ySo_APEX-25oo)

This platoon is not connected to tSy community.

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