tDn Academy
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Platoon Presentation

This is the community based and Academy platoon of tDn. Basicly until a full presentation is put in place shortly this platoon will be based around those in it. That means, yes, their will be an academy server and the map list etc will be based around what you guys want to play. For example a simple vote or somedays specific players might get an option to choose.

Overall its a much more relaxed and fun atmosphere but will also have a competitive side. I will build both skills and have an infantry, armor and air squads ready.

If you would like to join. Basicly just send an application or message to Kllre,

~tDnx vs.Nnja
- i have sent out invites if you cannot make it let me know
-Date: friday 07/20/12 730pm Est
-Server/Maps-Operation Metro x2 , Kharg Island x2, rush

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