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Ima 86 dez bitchez
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Unorganized war will almost always mostly fail, we must give up our savage ways, to be effective soldiers we must explore the core of warfare------ Unknown

We are 86ed.
We have been 86ed.
we are the misfits.
we are the outcasts.
we are the lost and the damned.
forever wandering.
we will hunt you down and take your tags.
we will come for you.
watch your back.
if we catch you slippin'. were gonna be slitten throats.

Just know this, if you don't belong, if no one wants you, we will take you into our midsts, we will teach you how to 86 fools, we will teach you how to go for the throat, we will turn you into a wild animal, so if your running alone, then rep 86ed. also we guarantee level ups, tags, and most importantly a place to get drunk get baked and have a good time with good people

<Founder> LT_VERCETT!
<Leader> XXsabsXX
<Leader> BIG_DADDY_966
<Leader> Pbbsharpy

* Our sister clan is Gruesome 2 (G2), the have a few servers and that's we're we will be playing a majority of the time our members are on. They're all great guys and you can find their page here: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241635680814/
* We have a few other platoons we're friendly with so feel free to hit them up as well
Malooman's Drop Bears

*message any leaders on PSN for Clan Matches or Skirmishes----or just talk to us----------------------------

*If your interested in joining apply and somebody should get to it eventually or message any leader and they'll invite you

Servers: G2 & 86ed Bears Den

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