Bearded Gaming
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Platoon Presentation


----------------------------------------------------- Platoon of the Bearded Gamers ---------------------------------------------------------
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These boys are active on - either as casters, viewers or chat-moderators.
Stream-viewers are allways welcomed!

-------------------------------------------------------- Bearded Gaming Information ---------------------------------------------------------

Bearded Gaming a casting group with a shared passion.

Play games for hours and hours on end.

They decided to team up to make Bearded Gaming one of the most fun communities on Twitch.TV
You can expect RTS, RPG, MMO, FPS and much more on our channel.
Our team consists of founders Cameron & JJGaming - supported by FoOzTV and Tesseract24 and house-guestcaster the_DJD.
We encourage an active chat, so feel free to check our stream out and do not hesitate to say hello!


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