5th Armored Battalion
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Welcome to the home page of the 5th Armored Battalion! The rules are :Listen to your leader, no friendly trash-talk, change your clan tag to "5th"(for now), and be nice to everybody. In this platoon we have three divisons: Air, Ground, and Infantry divisions. Please look at Callmmind's profile to find these divisons. You have to apply for the divison on Battlelog to get into. I will write on this platoon wall when clan battles occur and who is participating. Don't forget to fan all four of the platoons and contact Calmmind (BeAsTgAmEr145) for any questions. So check daily and thanks for joining!

This divison of the platoon is where you have just been recruited and you don't have a permanent spot in the platoon so you are stationed here. P.S. the V is for victory, which we have a lot of!

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