Apocalyptic Dawn
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Apocalyptic Dawn is a 18+ community

Apocalyptic Dawn is a casual multiple game community everyone here at ApD is a friend, we play together and against one another in a no pressure atmosphere, there are no stat requirements to become a ApD member we only ask that you be over the age of 18.

Friday nights are online drinking night which is fun for the drinkers and the sober. As the drunks tend to die a lot and the sober rack up points in revives.

ApD members have fun in everything we do from Squad Tournaments to Target of the week and monthly mission assignments. We try to keep things fresh and new for all members

If you would like to join us please apply at Apocalypticdawn.com or simply click our Official Website link above

In the aftermath of anarchy the unworthy are destroyed and only the true remain. The ways of old have finished.
We are reborn in the new dawn
Prepare! The end of days has come.

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