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Leader: ThunderKiLLs86
Co - Leader: ...
What's it like to be a TC? it's all about playing rough and tough, kicking ARSES and having fun. TEAMWORK IS EVERYTHING !
Don't command those who are higher rank than you !

Follow these steps to change your clan tag to [TC]
Step 1. Open your profile (NOT YOUR SOLDIER)
Step 2. Under your avatar click Edit Profile.
Step 3. Type clan tag (TC) under soldier settings.
Step 4. Save Settings.

Clan Battle: A good KD + Team-work + Communicate + Experience.
Clan Battle
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TC Squad Rush Scrims<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
. 1 per Class
. No shotguns or PDWs
. No c4 or M26
. No picking up other kits
. Recon must use a bolt action sniper with 4x, 6x, 8x or 12x scope
. Obey the squad leader
. Once the 8th player joined, Russians will have 20secs before the US attack. Excuses won't do any good
. Do not disrespect/abuse any TC members for any mistakes or breaking the rules.
. Raging and Swearing won't do the team any good, when you get kill, why don't you do a giggle ^_^

[X] Do not leave during a squad rush game, I don't give a fuck if you're bored or tired and If the other team is the best in the globe, Try your best and finish the game. Thats what a good TC would do
Leave during the game will cause drama, being disrespectful and wasting everyone time.

[ If you brake the rules, it's an automatic lost]
[ If you know you can't handle the rules, Don't participate ]
[ If you would like to edit the rules, simply speak nicely to Thunder and the members ]


|1| TC Tag must be worn.
|2| Less Swearing and raging in party.
|3| No hacking or Boosting.
[4] Do not abuse other Clans members
|5|Play with other TC regularly.
[6] Stay active on Battlelog & Xbox
[7] Do not disrespect any members of >TC< or disrespect the platoon in general.

[>] Three Warnings and you will get the TAXI [<]

. Service star for all assault rifles
. Service star for all carbines
. Service star for all LMGs
. Service star for all sniper rifles
. Service star for all PDWs and Shotguns
. Service star for all pistols
. Service star for all gadgets
[ KILLER] Knife every members in TC

Complete one of these assignment, Must be shown on front page of TC wall

[>] KD OF 2+ = Leader - 1 Leader per Country [<]

The Rambo Challenge:

-You may only use the Support class-
-You may only use the M60E4 with grip, extended mag and iron sights-
-You may not use mortar or claymores, though you may use C4-
-You may not throw grenades-
-You may only use the suppression specialization -
-You may use the jeeps-
Recommended: A good aim, boom, headshot.


[1] MIC
[2] Add TC members on Xbox even if you don't like them
[3] colonel 30 +
[4] score/min 10000000+ KD 1000000+
[5] Team-work & Communication
[6] Team player
[7] Know how to TROLL

[>] FRIDAY&SATURDAY NIGHT must play at all time. Get on and squads-up together. [<]

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BATTLEFIELD KEY FEATUREs<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Assault: Front-Line "Help the wounded"
Engineer: "Clear enemies vehicles and repairs"
Recon: "Spot and SNIPE"

Jets: Rule the Skies
Tanks: Superior Firepower
Tank Destroyers: Direct Fire Support
Armored Transports: Safety First
Helicopters: Clear Armored vehicles and Provide close Air Support for ground Troops
Mobile Artillery: Support on the Battlefield
Mobile AA: Balance the Skies
Naval Transports: Reach the Shores
Fast Transports: First to the Objectives
WALL E: (EOD BOT) "Troll enemies SNIPERS"

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