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Welcome to PBScreens.com

Welcome to PBscreens, your first choice for storing and monitoring all your Punkbuster Screenshots. It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s reliable and it saves you a lot of time as it scans your screenshots automatically for cheats.
How does it work?

Set your game server up so that Punkbuster creates screenshots
Register and enter your game server details here at PBscreens
Check all screenshots generated by Punkbuster simply here at PBscreens.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? In fact there are currently 151 game servers set up to stream their screenshots to PBscreens. So it can’t be that hard and in addition we have of course created a step by step how-to for all new users.
Which games and gameservers are supported?

Basically all games with Punkbuster cheat protection are supported. As long as you have FTP/HTTP access to the screenshot directory.
Which Features does PBscreens offer?

Besides a really convenient way to check your screenshots at one glance:

Search screens from specific users by player name or pb_GUID or EA_guid. All screens. From every server which is connected to PBscreens.
Scan screenshots automatically for cheats and hacks. Suspicious screens will be marked so that you can recheck them manually.
Select screenshots from players and mark them as suspicious, so that other game server admins can help you with the check. You can also comment such pictures.
Filter for black screenshots
Screens are hosted for (7, 14, 21, 31) days. Cheater screens will never be deleted

Is it free?

We are currently hosting 17.353.299 screenshots from 151 gameservers. As you can surely imagine we need some serious traffic bandwidth and disc space for this service. Therefore we need to charge a small fee just to cover our expenses. However you can still use the basic service for free, but the premium service with all features will cost 0.99 € per month for one game server. You can easily pay via Paypal.

Supported Hosters:

and many more...

NOT Supported Hosters:

BigPond GameArena


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