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We are NOT accepting applications until further notice, please do not add any leaders asking to join. Thank you.

➙ Introduction:

This is the official PS3/4 platoon for Team 'Murica, otherwise known as Team America or simply Team USA. Any other Team USA platoon you see are simply impostors, biters, haters, posers, or all of the above.

If you want to cheer us on feel free to wear [USAf] tags and support your country, so cereal!

Founder: Swag
Leaders: Buggsy, AK, Deus, Warrior, Krivo
Propaganda Leader: Buggsy
Real OGs: The whole roster ;)


WNT '12 Results:

[USA] vs. [MEX] Mexico: 2-0
[USA] vs. [FRA] France: 1-1, 1-0
[USA] vs. [RUS] Russia: DNP
[USA] vs. [POR] Portugal: DNP, POR Forfeit
[USA] vs. [UKR] Ukraine: DNP
[USA] vs. [SLO] Slovenia: 2-0

WNT '13 Results:

[USA] vs. [LV] Latvia: 2-0
[USA] vs. [EcUa] Ecuador: 2-0
[USA] vs. [TBR] Brazil: 2-0
[USA] vs. [CAN] Canada: 2-0
[USA] vs. [MEX] Mexico: 2-0

WNT '13 Playoff Results:

[USA] vs. [LEGO] Denmark: 2-0 (Round 1)
[USA] vs. [MEX] Mexico: 2-1 (Round 2)
[USA] vs. [IKEA] Sweden: 2-1 (Semi-Finals)
[USA] vs. [FIN] Finland: 0-2 (WNT '13 Finals)

WNT III Results (CQ, CQDOM):

[USA] vs. [EcUa] Ecuador: DNP, EcUa Forfeit
[USA] vs. [cL] Chile: 2-0, 2-0
[USA] vs. [PER] Peru: 2-0, 2-0
[USA] vs. [TBR] Brazil: 2-0, 2-1
[USA] vs. [MEX] Mexico: 2-1, 1-2

WNT III Playoff Results (CQ):

[USA] vs. [TGR] Greece: 2-0 (Round 1)
[USA] vs. [NLD] Netherlands: 2-0 (CQDOM 2-0, Round 2)
[USA] vs. [FRA] France: 2-1 (Semi-Finals)
[USA] vs. [FIN] Finland: 0-2 (WNT III Finals)

WNT III Playoff Results (CQDOM):

[USA] vs. [TGR] Greece: 3-0 (Round 1)
[USA] vs. N/A: DNP, Forfeit Win (Round 2)
[USA] vs. [KSA] Saudi Arabia: 2-1 (Semi-Finals)
[USA] vs. [FIN] Finland: 0-2 (WNT III Finals)

AT '13 Results:

[USA] vs. [PER] Peru: 2-0
[USA] vs. [VZLA] Venezuela: DNP, VZLA Forfeit

[USA] vs. [cL] Chile: 2-0 (Quarter-Finals)
[USA] vs. [PER] Peru: 2-1 (Semi-Finals)
[USA] vs. [TBR] Brazil: 2-0 (AT '13 Champions - Finals)

Friendly Scrims:

[USA] vs. [AGBR] Amigos de Guerra Brazil: 2-0
[USA] vs. [UK] United Kingdom: 2-1
[USA] vs. [LEGO] Denmark: 1-1
[USA] vs. [DtX] Detox Competitive: 2-0


➙ Notice:

Despite drama between clans all over the community, Team USA pushes all drama (if any) aside as all of its members work together to prevail against other nations, as a team! If you plan on applying or joining, take heavy note that any ego, disrespectful attitude, etc. towards any member or clan representing our team will NOT be tolerated. If all the clans represented in Team USA can work together as a team cohesively, so can you.

Unwillingness to do so means you are not a part of the team, therefore not 'Murica!!

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