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WIFI Effect ™ is a PC-Gaming platoon. Established by Robbie Lee in 2012, we're focused on creating both a fun and competitive community. Slowly but steadily, WiFi members have increased to a very healthy number. We currently have two divisions :

The WiFi Effect Division:
This Division consists of members that are casual and in the middle of casual and competitive.

The WiFi Elite Division:
The name has already proven itself. Housing the competitive players, this division is focused on winning.

We have a Teamspeak 3 server now!
Server Address: ts3.gamersplatoon.com

As long as you're ONLINE, you must be on TEAMSPEAK 3 unless you state a VALID REASON for your absence. Thank you.

Download teamspeak 3 from: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads


Add WiFi-RobbieLee/ ZinaidaAC

Founder: RobbieLee

Training Sergeant : LegendGhost
Operation Sergeant : ZinaidaAC

We have got no room for players with ego, or attitude.

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  • JohnWalter wrote on the wall for WIFI Effect ™:
    How are you guys these days?
    RobbieLee1402 Hey ! Been really busy with college commitments how about you ? :)
    3 years ago
    JohnWalter I'm done with college just graduate on march :) I'm currently working right now :D as Software Engineer
    3 years ago
  • RobbieLee1402 wrote on the wall for WIFI Effect ™:
    3 Weeks Ago I announced the disbandment of the clan. I said it already , I will come back. I will keep my promise- if Titanfall comes out as a good game, I shall buy it and make WiFi the fun clan it used to be. RobbieLee.
  • RobbieLee1402 wrote on the wall for WIFI Effect ™:
    I'm sorry to announce the disbandment of my clan that has reached it's 2nd anniversary today, WiFi Effect. I have decided that other commitments have affected this decision. As I announce this I feel very awful, because of the good times we had together as a clan. As I slowly moved to other things; the only game I played often was Dota 2. Our teamspeak server will always be there; I will always be there if anyone is online to game. I take full responsibility of failing to be active in Battlefield 4. it is here where I will acknowledge our main members that have stood with me for a long time: Logan, TerryTay, Ghandi, RazerShaft, Kupinade, Kennedy, Bajaj, Tesh, Ace, Dorasuper, Terran, ArisIrfan, Amer, Dzik, Wuggern, Nalvendor, Nokia, Bujang_Lepat and many more. I will never ever forget what you guys have did and made me the person I am today. So this is it; the disbandment of WiFi Effect. It has been a great time. FAREWELL, BUT NOT GOODBYE. Signing Out, RobbieLee.
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    Line0921 wow robbie
    6 years ago
    LuminaVII Damnation
    6 years ago
  • 0oLegend_Ghost0o wrote on the wall for WIFI Effect ™:
    omg this is sooo old after lee die the platoon die with it r.i.p lee i will always love you
  • RobbieLee1402 wrote on the wall for WIFI Effect ™:
    Everyone here, WiFi is going to have a new platoon on BF4, everyone please apply there, thank you. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2955065217485220178/
  • LuminaVII wrote on the wall for WIFI Effect ™:
    5 Days left !
    Andromodus-N7 for?
    7 years ago
    LuminaVII Battlefield 4 !
    7 years ago
  • STR8_AN94BALLER wrote on the wall for WIFI Effect ™:
    It still confuses me how we still have a platoon image ._.
    KriegBunny I believe it was because that one was uploaded before they came up with the dumb idea of not allowing custom images.
    7 years ago
  • Terrytay wrote on the wall for WIFI Effect ™:
    Chuck Noris Must go
    RobbieLee1402 WTF
    7 years ago
  • RobbieLee1402 wrote on the wall for WIFI Effect ™:
    First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of activity in our BF3 section. I know for some of you I promised a good, active clan and so far I haven't been able to do that. Secondly, I wish good luck to all the South-East Asian students having their exams before the BF4 Launch. I can, however, guarantee that this clan WILL be FULLY ACTIVE when BF4 launches. Oh, how I relish the fun in playing with friends again. May The Force Be With You, RobbieLee.
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    Shattered831 I heard the oct. 1st is European and wont be in the states till the 29th, not sure if there is truth to that.
    7 years ago
    Terrytay We will be back.
    7 years ago
  • HipsterWizard joined the platoon WIFI Effect ™