Angry LittleBirds 2012
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYOU CAN RUN - BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
----Check out Angry LittleBirds 2013 ----

Angry scout copter players attention!
Feel free to apply joining when you are angry enough!
No retreat, no surrender, we bring you down from above with no remorse!
★ N_O_____M_O_R_E____R_E_C_R_U_T_I_N_G ★

❖ This is a fun platoon, don't take it too seriously, [Ngry] is our tag, use it if you like.
❖ Here is no place of harmony, this is bird army straight from hell.
❖ Our minigun always awaits disrupting some sniper meat.
❖ We roadkill your azz down!

International Neophyte Scout Law:

1. Stealth/Belt Speed + ECM Jammer + Guided Missile
2. Never bail out like a chicken-hearted biatch!
3. Guided Missiles/Javelins can be dodged with right ECM timing
4. Passengers switch to "F4" view and spot enemy forces and mark vehicles when there is no need to repair

To be continued...

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BF3 Scout Video Section:

BF3 - Chopper Frag Movie

Little Bird Killingspree

BF3 Ngry Little Bird In Action


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