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Platoon Presentation


Teamspeak3 :
We have One BF3-server,one TS³-server,one MTA server and one Minecraft Server. More servers will maybe follow soon.
Please contact us for further information or check our homepage.

BF3-server: search for "ASG" in your server-browser.

>>>How to join our platoon?<<<

Visit our homepage or join our TS³. There you can get much more information about our platoon and apply for a
membership immediately at our TS.
Applying via Battlelog only is waste of time and will not end up in a membership.
We are sry but we have to be that strikt.
Please note, that our native language is german. So it is necessary that you can understand and speak german
good enough to communicate with us during the hot adrenaline powered war, burning at the battlefields we join.

>>>About us<<<

We search more active Battlefield and WarZ Player !
We are a german multi-gaming-clan with about 30 members, increasing permanently.
Beeing a member of our clan does not mean that there are any duties for you to follow or any fees to pay.

See you on the Battlefield!

>>>Wie werde ich Mitglied?<<<

Besucht uns im TS³ oder schaut auf unsere Homepage für genauere Informationen.
Applying in Battlelog wird nicht zur Aufnahme in den Clan führen. Wenn du Mitglied werden willst,
musst du dich einfach kurz bei einem General oder Offizier auf unserem TS³ melden

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