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Platoon Presentation

Platoon was made for Leaders of different National Teams.

Forum Thread ---

1. Polish National Team / PVP_Usiu_PL
2. Norway National Team / Aksmar
3. Italian National Team / x_TwiisTeDz_sF
4. Russian National Team / xRUSxakaB3AsT, ApacheeDown
5. SK/CZ National Team / SlikeNades
6. German National Team / steven4352, Crazylovex
7. French National Team / oraxehaze
8. Scottish National Team / div2691
9. English National Team / iRainsz
10. WELSH National Team / lroneuge
11. Austrian National Team / bobbyk13
12. Dutch National Team / THHeavyShooter
13. Spanish National Team / ASTERION_Pohabe
14. Swedish National Team / NoobShadow

Here are the brackets

The tournament standard will be 4 matches, where the 2 teams will both choose 2 maps.If 2 teams both choose the same map then it will be played both RU and US side. No map can be played more than 2 times. If a game ends with Draw the ending match will be caspian border and on this map tickets are counted and the winner is selected. All Matches should be made through battlelog.

Tournament date is Unknown,

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