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EASY5-GAMING is a BF3/4 European clan, founded in 2010.

We have players from all over Europe, and we always look for more players.

Our goal is to let every gamer, have a place to hang out, and be with friends.
We do not tolerate racism, hatred and bad behavior.
Ethics & mutual respect is what binds us together. Sarcasm and good humor is always welcome, just keep it fun!

. Feel free to join us in our supported games, and have a nice time.

► We are a international gaming community! we only recruit MATURE 16+ gamers that plays either Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, or both.

Joining requirements:
-Basic English speaking abilities
-Teamspeak 3 and a workind mic
-16+ years old
-Residence within Europe

To join a competitive team, these objectives must be accomplished:
-KD 2.0+
-SPM 800+
-Accuracy 20%+

► Before applying to our platoon please visit our teamspeak 3 server and talk to Frantic or Denders, because we only accept people that we can vouch for!

► Teamspeak 3.

Visit our website for full info about us and our activities!

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