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Platoon Presentation

GUNS OF KAOS is for any new or experienced players. All Platforms Welcome


PLAN AHEAD: Before a round begins, take a few seconds to discuss tactics
with your teammates. Any game plan is better than none.

COVER: If you can’t find suitable cover nearby, drop prone in an attempt
to avoid detection, and crawl to a piece of cover.

DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS: Tanks are great for dishing out destruction. Use their cannons to blow holes in walls and other pieces of cover.

LONG RANGE COMBAT: When sniping, try to focus your fire down narrow choke points
like streets, alleys, and bridges.

CLOSE QUARTER COMBAT: Quick reflexes trump accuracy in close-quarter gun battles like
this. This is why shotguns are so effective.

ENGAGING VEHICLES: If you don’t have the fire power to kill a tank, don’t draw its attention. Instead, seek cover and spot the tank for teammates capable of taking it out.

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