Anti M16
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We hate the m16 and Colonel 100s
It is a normal day and you want to play a relaxing round in BF 3 but then some M16 noobs appear and always kill you with their weapon? Tired of this overpowered weapon? ! The graph in the damage chart shows that all assault weapons nearly have the same damage base. But the M16 enables the shooter to shoot a lot of bullets in a short time , and as you can see in the damage chart , the accuracy is also the lowest. In the most combat situations , especially in close-combat , other weapons have no chance against the M16. Other classes are inferior in all attack situations and don't have the ghost of a chance (In example you are a sniper far far away).

Finally we can say that all M16 types are overpowered weapons which ruin and fuck up the balance!

Every retarded idiot can get easy kills with this gun , which don't require any skill.

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