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What is it?
WNT is tournament between Nations, equal to a world championship. It was one of the biggest and most active events in Battlefield 3 on PS3, with over 1000 players and 40 teams participating. The fourth instalment of WNT will be hosted on PlayStation 4, with support from our sponsor; eSport Norway. [] (website is being updated soon)

How do I sign up?
The sign up for the tournament isn’t open yet. But we urge those who are interested to either make a team, or join an existing one. If there is already an existing team for your nation, and you don’t want to join it, then feel free to make a new one; and battle them for your nations spot in WNT - We are introducing qualifying matches for nations who have 1 or more teams interested in participating (it will be organized by the ESN administration). Sign up sheets will be made available when a start date has been set.

We have set up an “interest form” for those who are curios or interested in joining; []
**This is not a sign up sheet**

How do I make a team?
Each team has to have 1 representative (leader), who speaks and acts on behalf of the entire team. The representative has to; be 18 years or older - have competitive experience - be able to communicate in english - read and understand ALL the WNT rules. It is the representative's responsibility to make contact with the WNT administration, and sign up for the event when the signups are open.

Rosters for each team is limited to 30 players each in order to create an equal playing field. The rosters are only allowed to be updated for each stage of the tournament (groups, single elimination, quarter, semi and finals). All participants has to be located in the country they are representing: we will randomly check IP’s and profiles to verify.

When does it start?
As it stands now, the tournament will hopefully be sometime in January/February. There are a lot of factors to be considered before setting a final date; We have to wait for players to transfer to next-gen, let the community sort itself out, see when and what prizes we are getting etc.
Keep an eye out on the WNT facebook page for updated information (we do not spam info unless its relevant). []

How do the matches work?
Each team has to play 1 match pr. week, at the default day and time set by the administration. The format will be 16v16 + commander, on conquest / -large. The map rotation has not been set; we are awaiting feedback from the community.

Where is this organized from?
We are currently looking into hosting it via a beta version of ESN’s competitive website. But we are in no way obligated to do so, and we know that most of our participants don’t want to switch between websites in order to play. We are also waiting for more information about the platoon system and features for Battlefield 4, before we make any decisions.

Will the matches be streamed?
Every participant is allowed to and capable of streaming with the PS4. We will make sure that all streams are available in an organized way.

Is it 100% online?
The entire tournament will be played online, getting 32 players from around the world into a LAN, with prizes, is still not something we are capable of setting up.

What are the prizes?
We are working in co-operation with ESN to get some decent prizes going. eSports Norway has a big network, with a wide range of companies, and they have hosted some of the biggest esport-events in Norway. - In other words; be patient, prizes are coming.
Visit the homepage of ESN for more information about what they do; []

Will there be a WNT for the Xbox One community?
It all depends on the community involvement, sponsors and support. All we need to see is that there’s a demand for it, and we’ll try our best to organize something.

What are the rules?
All the rules can be found here; []
The rules are under “construction”, and the current set does not represent the final version. Keep yourself updated on a regular basis. We will inform the representatives if the rules are changed while the event is ongoing.

Feedback and suggestions are welcomed; if it is done in a civilized manner. We don’t get paid to do this, so all hostile opinions will simply be ignored.

DaNNi-World & Miquinei
-- DoraXXS & Mcj_Freaky

We do not work for or with DICE/EA; this is a community organized event.
Some or all of the information in this thread may be subject to change.


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